Emily White
22:06 06 Jun 19
I came to Lauren at Lux Wellness looking for an answer to the deep pain in my neck and mid back, still lingering after a car accident. Lauren intuitively read my body and found the forgotten places that needed my attention. She invited me to use my breath as a tool to release tension and encouraged me to extend my exhale to soften into those spaces. She described the unwinding process I was undergoing as a rope that I was untangling. Lauren gently offered me adjustments that would bring freedom to spaces in my being that had been locked for many months and encouraged me to listen to my body’s intelligence; to allow it to guide me more deeply into and through my healing process. Piece by piece, layer by layer, she has guided me out of pain and into feeling strong in my body again. Lauren’s unique chiropractic approach allows you to relax into you while she uses her technical expertise and intuitive nature to bring you back to feeling whole and complete in your body. And for that I am grateful!read more
Chris Yates
22:03 12 Sep 18
Fantastic experience every time! Lauren is a gifted healer and my entire family now visits her to keep our health in optimal condition. I highly recommend Lux Wellness to anyone seeking high quality and affordable care. Thank you!read more
Emily K
16:30 15 Nov 17
So thankful that I was introduced to Lux Wellness Center! The Staff is so friendly & you can tell that they truly care about your experience. I recommend to anyone & everyone in the area!read more
Heather Craven
17:43 11 Sep 17
The staff at Lux is amazing! Their knowledge, services and compassion are professional and thorough. Dr. Jade is spot on in her nutrition recommendations. Dr. Lauren provides the best chiropractic help I have ever received. Sarah at the front desk is lovely. This team is phenomenal!read more
Deva Shantay
18:56 28 Apr 17
Love my experience at Lux Wellness. Having high-end, intuitive chiropractic is amazing in our small mountain town! The care that Lauren brings is top-notch and responsive. I highly recommend her!read more
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Emily Knight
So thankful that I was introduced to Lux Wellness Center! The Staff is so friendly & you can tell that they truly care about your experience. I recommend to anyone & everyone in the area!
Liz Long
Incredible chiropractor. I am so grateful that Lix Wellness is in the valley. My entire family see's Lauren and we all love her.
Jennifer Johnson
Brenda Dahl McCartney
Meeting Lauren and Jade at Lux Wellness has been a delight and gift to my wellness needs. Laurens knowledge and expertise as a chiropractor has given me the chance to work on solving some persistent injuries. Her gentle nature has allowed me to relax into the process of healing. These gals are going to remain a part of my "team" to help with "aging gracefully" .
Danielle Donarski
For powerful, specific, life changing chiropractic adjustments, look no further than Lux Wellness Center. This is the place to go when you want to take your health to the next level!
Nanci Graham
I consider myself lucky enough to have been treated by some amazing chiropractor's who have been adjusting clients for many years, and in several cases practitioner's whom are also instructor's. I mention these experiences in that they gave me context for appreciating something truly unique that Lauren brings to the table. I am always a little nervous when seeing a new practitioner, but Lauren has a "natural healer" energy that can't be taught, it just comes through so clearly in her touch. The result was that I felt an ease in her care that allowed for an adjustment that was way beyond physical structure. On several occasions her care allowed in me an emotional adjustment and release at a level I had not experienced before in chiropractic work. And afterwards I was aware of a new way of moving in my body, an almost beginner's mind sort of movement. To be adjusted by Dr. Lauren was an experience of feeling safe, held and deeply cared for. I recommend her wholeheartedly!read more
Beth Barlogio Plascencia
I have had neck, shoulder and arm numbness for awhile. When I met Lauren it was an instant connection. She treated me for months and I am happy to say I feel so much better! Thank you Lauren!!
Sura Devi
Dr. Lauren Whittaker is a loving, gentle and powerful healer. She brings so much joy to the world and I am truly blessed to have been adjusted by her. Her hands are masterful, her words so wise and her heart so loving. I highly recommend Lux Chiropractic Studio to all!
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