Below is a comprehensive list of the specific policies and procedures Lux Wellness Center employs to provide you with the quality integrative health care you deserve during this time.


If you have any questions or concerns please call us at 970-510-5394.


  • Naturopathic and Chiropractic services are offered during normal business hours. Please call or go online to book an appointment. You will be asked specific health and safety screening questions before your appointment.
  • The B12 Injection Clinic is open Tuesday 8-11am and Wednesday 3-6pm.  You will be asked specific health and safety screening questions before your injection.
  • We maintain 6-feet of separation between clients and patients, when not directly performing service.
  • The lobby is limited to 2 patients at a time. One patient at the counter and 1 patient seated.
  • The office is occupied by no more than 10 people total at any given time.
  • Lux staff is appropriately scheduling patients so that providers have sufficient time to wash hands and ensure rooms and equipment have been cleaned and disinfected between each patient.
  • Lux staff cleans and disinfects all shared equipment and tools between every patient appointment.
  • Doctors wash hands between every patient appointment.
  • Patients must wear at least a cloth face covering at all times. A “disposable medical mask” can be provided to patients without masks.
  • Lux practitioners and staff who perform services with close, direct personal contact wear masks.
  • The office has posted signage for employees and patients on good hygiene and safety measures being taken.
  • The office is using remote alternatives whenever possible, such as drive-by supplement pick-up or Telehealth for Naturopathic services.
  • Lux provides contactless payment options whenever possible such as online invoicing options.
  • If needed, we employ virtual waiting rooms, i.e. parking lot or outside waiting room and you will be called when it is your turn.


You are valued and appreciated by us. Continue to stay strong, humble and kind. See you soon.


In Love and Health,
Dr. Jade and Dr. Lauren

Policies and Procedures in Response to COVID-19