The Lux Team

Lauren Whittaker, D.C.

Dr. Lauren Whittaker’s work has been inspired by the brilliance and resilience of the human body and human spirit ever since she experienced “being in the zone” as a young athlete. Motivated to embark on a life of healing, she completed her undergraduate studies in Human Development and Family Studies at Penn State University and earned her doctorate in Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West. Licensed in the state of Colorado, Dr. Whittaker’s services include gentle chiropractic adjustments and additional holistic therapies tailored to meet the needs of each individual. She dedicates her work to the healing of the whole self from the physical, chemical, and emotional stresses of contemporary life. She welcomes all to her practice at Lux Wellness Center in Carbondale, Colorado—a place of sanctuary, empowerment, holistic healing and joy.

Chiropractic Services

Initial Consult

Your current state of health and function will be revealed via a complete health history and exam (including neurological, physical and postural analysis) and you will learn how the underlying problem in your spine (most likely causing your pain and symptoms) is affecting your life. Finally, you will have the opportunity, based on your findings, to choose an advised wellness plan that works best for you.


Senior (70+) 45 min $105
Adult 45 min $150
Child (birth-13yo) 45 min $100

Chiropractic Adjustment

The chiropractic spinal adjustment restores nervous system function allowing the body the ability to express a greater state of health and well-being. Chiropractic adjustments are available in both 15 minute and 30 minute options.You can expect gentle, specific chiropractic adjustments catered to you in order to support growth, integration and healing. In addition, Dr. Lauren specializes in SOT (sacral occipital technique) which is a form of cranial sacral, neuro-energetic techniques and breath work.


Senior Pricing (70+)
15 minutes $55
30 minutes $110


Adult Pricing
15 minutes $75
30 minutes $150
5 (15 minute) visit package $360
10 (15 minute) visit package $695
20 (15 minute) visit package $1300

Child Adjustment

Spinal adjustments for infants and young children involve very light fingertip adjustments to restore proper function in their system. Chiropractic adjusting techniques are both gentle and specific and modified to fit a child’s size, weight and developing nature. Most parents report that their children enjoy chiropractic adjustments and look forward to their next visit.


Child Pricing (birth-13yo)
15 minutes $50
5 visit package $225
10 visit package $400


The Lux Team

Jade Wimberley, Registered N.D.

Have you been recently diagnosed with cancer, previously received cancer treatment, or worry you may be at higher risk due to family history or genetics? If so, consider teaming up with naturopathic doctor, Jade Wimberley. She offers integrative, holistic oncology care that will enhance your quality of life and survivability.

Dr. Jade collaborates with you and your medical-wellness team to develop a support plan tailored to meet your unique goals and to minimize the side effects resulting from conventional therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Your support plan may include, but is not limited to, the selection of targeted supplements, mistletoe therapy, diet shifts, mind-body medicine techniques, and lifestyle enhancements. Every step of your recovery and maintenance will be assisted by Dr. Jade’s caring and direct manner and hawk-eyed awareness, assuring you the best integrative oncology care available.

Dr. Jade has twenty years of naturopathic experience, combining a deep understanding of the healing process with conventional care standards. She acted as wellness director at Open Sky Wilderness Therapy in Durango, Colorado for six years prior to operating a mobile IV service in the San Francisco-East Bay area providing infusions to patients seeking integrative oncology care. She is a member of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and is currently enrolled in a yearlong program with leading integrative oncologists, radiologists, surgical oncologists, and naturopathic physicians from around the world, focusing on patient centered oncology care. Dr. Jade’s commitment to continuing education and research provides patients with the most up-to-date care available.

Dr. Jade authored the book, The Health Revolution: Give Yourself the Healthcare You Deserve, a must read for those just getting started in the world of integrative and self-empowerment medicine. It’s a user-friendly resource and guide to enhancing quality of life and building awareness of how day-to-day choices affect health and well-being.

Naturopathic Services

Initial Consult

60 Minutes

Includes a comprehensive medical intake, supplement, medication and previous lab-work review. Identifying your health goals, diligently and gracefully moving towards them while building a trusting relationship, and implementing a treatment plan that makes common sense.


$395 (ages 13+ and older)

Office Visit

Established Patient | 40 minutes

Review of comprehensive treatment plan and continued care based on your health goals. The focus is on total wellness and not just treating and masking symptoms.


$165 (ages 13+ and older)

Office Visit

Established Patient | 20 Minutes

Designed for acute medical needs and or a brief check-in regarding your established treatment plan.


$95 (ages 13+ and older)


The Lux Team

Dr. Michelle Brandon
DACM, Dipl OM, L.Ac.

Dr. Michelle is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), and licensed acupuncturist in the state of Colorado. Dr. Michelle graduated from Pacific College of Health and Science, Chicago, one of the most prestigious and rigorous programs in the nation.


All-embracing, Dr. Michelle Brandon loves to love, she believes passion is power and the discovery of deep devotion can orchestrate the spark and beginning of a new healing paradigm for the individual and the collective. She lives by the authentic flow of nature, wholesome foods and medicine grown directly from the earth.


She is honored to be part of the Lux Wellness team and will see you at the B12 Happy Hour!


The Lux Team

Danielle Boyle

Danielle Boyle is a long time Carbondale local and provides administrative support at Lux Wellness Center. She has 8+ years of experience in customer service, operations, and marketing. She has a passion for health, self-care, and mental wellness. She is a tried and true foodie, self-proclaimed nerd, and loves being involved in her community.