When you team up with Jade Wimberley, Naturopathic Doctor, you are given dedicated and quality time. No more 10-minute consultations and waiting for hours to see the doctor.

Lux Naturopathic

Dr. Jade Wimberley

Naturopathic Services

Initial Consult

60 Minutes

Includes a comprehensive medical intake, supplement, medication and previous lab-work review. Identifying your health goals, diligently and gracefully moving towards them while building a trusting relationship, and implementing a treatment plan that makes common sense.


$395 (ages 13+ and older)

Office Visit

Established Patient | 40 minutes

Review of comprehensive treatment plan and continued care based on your health goals. The focus is on total wellness and not just treating and masking symptoms.


$165 (ages 13+ and older)

Office Visit

Established Patient | 20 Minutes

Designed for acute medical needs and or a brief check-in regarding your established treatment plan.


$95 (ages 13+ and older)

There was a time when medicine was about relationship, and not about rushed appointments, copays, or searching for a doctor covered by your insurance. I’m bringing back that time.”

-Jade Wimberley, N.D.