The book The Health Revolution offers change. 

“I find that too many books related to health and lifestyles are over-complicated. They give me overwhelming information and are dogmatic in approach. The Health Revolution book by Jade Wimberley is a breath of fresh air. This easy-to-read, understand, and to apply book gave me the first step I needed to become healthier and just as importantly helped me realize I am part of something bigger. I am part of an eco-system, part of Mother Earth, and part of taking care of myself is working with government, local farmers, corporations, and activists to change the food we eat and the way we look at and deliver healthcare in America. Food for the body and the soul —that’s The Health Revolution.”

—Anne Becker

The Health Revolution

Dr. Jade Wimberley

Naturopathic Doctor and author, Jade Wimberley graduated from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, a four-year, post-graduate program in Tempe, Arizona. Prior to medical school, she completed her undergraduate studies in Economics at Denison University. Dr. Wimberley currently resides in Carbondale, Colorado where she is co-owner of LUX Wellness Center, serving her community with naturopathic medicine, vitamin B12 clinics and inspirational workshops. Her book, The Health Revolution: How to Give Yourself the Healthcare You Deserve inspires readers to become engaged and empowered patients. Dr. Wimberley is a proud member of both the Colorado and California Naturopathic Doctors Associations and holds medical licenses in California, Colorado and Utah.