When you visit Lux Wellness Center and receive chiropractic care you will enjoy an increase in connection, ease, energy and hope.

You will gain these benefits as you are guided into a healthier structure/function relationship with your body, allowing it to heal.


Dr. Lauren Whittaker

Chiropractic Services

Initial Consult

Your current state of health and function will be revealed via a complete health history and exam (including neurological, physical and postural analysis) and you will learn how the underlying problem in your spine (most likely causing your pain and symptoms) is affecting your life. Finally, you will have the opportunity, based on your findings, to choose an advised wellness plan that works best for you.


Senior (70+) 45 min $105
Adult 45 min $150
Child (birth-13yo) 45 min $100

Chiropractic Adjustment

The chiropractic spinal adjustment restores nervous system function allowing the body the ability to express a greater state of health and well-being. Chiropractic adjustments are available in both 15 minute and 30 minute options.You can expect gentle, specific chiropractic adjustments catered to you in order to support growth, integration and healing. In addition, Dr. Lauren specializes in SOT (sacral occipital technique) which is a form of cranial sacral, neuro-energetic techniques and breath work.


Senior Pricing (70+)
15 minutes $55
30 minutes $110

Adult Pricing
15 minutes $75
30 minutes $150
10 (15 minute) visit package $700

Child Adjustment

Spinal adjustments for infants and young children involve very light fingertip adjustments to restore proper function in their system. Chiropractic adjusting techniques are both gentle and specific and modified to fit a child’s size, weight and developing nature. Most parents report that their children enjoy chiropractic adjustments and look forward to their next visit.


Child Pricing (birth-13yo)
15 minutes $50
10 visit package $450

“Chiropractic is purely and completely about releasing the potential in one’s system.”