How do you define chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a natural and vitalistic approach to healthcare. The chiropractic spinal adjustment restores nervous system function allowing the body the ability to express a greater state of health and well-being.

What do you do and what is the core principle?

People who come into Lux Wellness Center for chiropractic care realize an increase in connection, ease, and energy and hope because they are assisted to experience a healthier structure-function relationship in their bodies; in turn they are providing their body an opportunity to heal.  The office can address the underlying problem in your spine that is most likely causing your pain or symptoms. By addressing the root cause, the body can shed un-needed tension patterns and reveal a greater adaptability and vitality.

Why do you like working with families? 

When our children are young it is the optimum time to teach and model for them what it means to live an authentic, fulfilling, self-loving, joyful and empowered life; a life filled with passion and purpose, truth, vibrancy and well-being in every interaction.


When a family receives chiropractic adjustments together at LUX Wellness Center, each family member benefits from the restoration of clear communication channels in their body. The result is a beneficial harmonious resonance very much akin to the fine-tuning of a musical instrument.


When I witness children learning from their parents in this way, it makes my day. And to further see children realize that health and healing comes from the inside out is extremely rewarding.

Do children benefit from chiropractic adjustments?

Everyone, regardless of their symptoms or ailments, will benefit from a nerve system that is more flexible, elastic and free of vertebral tension patterns.


Spinal adjustments for infants and young children involve very light fingertip adjustments to restore proper function in their system. Chiropractic adjusting techniques are both gentle and specific and modified to fit a child’s size, weight and developing nature. Most parents report that their children enjoy chiropractic adjustments and look forward to their next visit.

Why is it important for you to be a chiropractic doctor?

I am committed to creating, living and enjoying health, balance and well-being in my life while assisting, educating and empowering others to create the same in their lives.


When I was 17 years old, I lost my father to cancer and dealt with the tragic deaths of two sports colleagues and a cousin all within a 3-year period. This was a devastating time, and it wasn’t until I was older that I realized how I had repressed events and emotions to survive. I realized that these repressed events and experiences traumatically affected my health. I later learned that when such events caused by physical, chemical and or emotional stresses occur, the body cannot always adapt and may store up these stressors for integration at a later time. This understanding came to me while I was receiving a chiropractic adjustment. I gained insight into the brilliance of the human body as my own body started to heal. This holistic experience initiated my decision to become a chiropractor. My intention is to assist others in attaining the reconnection and integration of body, mind and spirit through chiropractic services, opening the door to healing, growth and personal evolution, just like I experienced.

What makes you feel good about being a chiropractic doctor?

I understand health as a state of optimal physical, mental and social well-being, not merely as the absence of disease or symptoms. I get to talk, teach and facilitate healthful actions all day, everyday. It’s the best job on the planet.

Why are you and your practice right for Carbondale?

I feel my values regarding lifestyle, health and purpose are shared with many Carbondale citizens. I was looking for a small town feel with a “mover and shaker” awareness of the world and our place in it. I value Carbondale’s strong community values, active lifestyle, and appreciation for nature. We get along, Carbondale and I. I love it here.