Vitamin B12 may increase energy levels, optimize athletic performance and replenish the nervous system, and most of us can use more of it.

The majority of people deficient in B12 eat plentiful amounts of food containing the vitamin, but our bodies can’t absorb or use it. Given the enormous increase of digestive issues and daily stressors (alcohol, environmental pollutants and aging) in our lives, it’s no wonder so many of us are low on this beneficial vitamin. Other than from our diet, B12 can be obtained through B12 injections. B12 is safe for pregnant women and anyone receiving chemotherapy and radiation.


A weekly vitamin B-12 injection is recommended especially if you are stressed, have low energy or are recovering from an illness. After a vitamin B12 injection, clients often report a “calm energy” feeling lasting for several days or weeks.

Carbondale B12 Happy Hour

Vitamin B12 injections administered by Dr. Jade Wimberley


Carbondale B12 Happy Hour

Dr. Michelle Brandon
DACM, Dipl OM, L.Ac.

Dr. Michelle is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Diplomate of Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), and licensed acupuncturist in the state of Colorado. Dr. Michelle graduated from Pacific College of Health and Science, Chicago, one of the most prestigious and rigorous programs in the nation.

All-embracing, Dr. Michelle Brandon loves to love, she believes passion is power and the discovery of deep devotion can orchestrate the spark and beginning of a new healing paradigm for the individual and the collective. She lives by the authentic flow of nature, wholesome foods and medicine grown directly from the earth.

She is honored to be part of the Lux Wellness team and will see you at the B12 Happy Hour!

Vitamin B12 Injection




B12 Cocktails


ENDURANCE: B12 + B5. Increases vigor and overall energy, supports adrenal health, minimizes seasonal allergies.

BUSY B:  Combo of all B vitamins, great for endurance, immunity, and overall wellness.

MIC ( B12 + B6 ): Helps with weight loss, decreases cholesterol, supports brain health and nerve function.

THE WORKS: A combination of B12, B5, BComplex, and MIC.




Homeopathic Injections


Natural Cold & Flu + B12 An immune system booster that includes B12. Great for preventing cold and flu. Very popular in Europe.

Traumeel + B12 A natural homeopathic treatment paired with B12. Can help with acute inflammation, pain or muscle spasms.



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