Our Purpose

Lux Wellness Center seeks to serve our community by helping to release that which interferes with the full expression of life, health and function in the bodies of individuals.

Our intention is to assist the re-connection and integration of body, mind and spirit through chiropractic and naturopathic services that provide opportunities for healing growth and personal evolution

About Lux Wellness Center
About Lux Wellness Center

Our Mission

Lux Wellness Center exists to make a positive contribution in the lives of individuals and families by providing exceptional chiropractic and naturopathic experiences in an inspirational environment.

We are committed to creating, living and enjoying health, balance and wellbeing while assisting, educating and empowering our clients to create the same in their lives.

Our Philosophy

At Lux Wellness Center, we provide wellness care and gentle guidance in helping you become healthy again. We believe in:


  • Promoting self-responsibility

  • Activating self-healing

  • Transforming the Cause

  • Supporting the Whole Person

  • Facilitating the Healing Power of Nature

  • Doctor as Steward