2018: The Year of The Health Revolution

As a practicing naturopathic doctor, I hear more than a few concerns from patients, family and friends. These are not just worries over sincere health-related issues, but apprehension for the way illness is treated and how healthcare is provided in our country—a country founded on several ideals that embrace a high quality of life.


As a practicing naturopathic doctor, I also have a few concerns. Why is it that so many patients come to me after they haven’t received adequate healthcare from primary care doctors? Why is it that naturopathic doctors and functional medical providers, who spend time educating patients, are not covered by insurance companies? Why is it that patients are told, time and time again, that they will be on medications for high cholesterol, high blood pressure or high blood sugars for the rest of their lives and that there are few to no alternatives? And why does our healthcare system continue to turn it’s back on health and only manage disease?


These “complaints,” which are actually legitimate concerns, are one of the reasons I have spearheaded and embrace a social movement I call The Health Revolution. It is a movement in which, I hope, we can collectively plant a seed, nourish it and watch it come into full, glorious bloom.
The goals of The Health Revolution are attainable if we work on both personal and public health concerns simultaneously. These goals are to:

• Create a community and a forum for discussion providing an avenue of change
• Challenge the existing “fix the disease” medical model
• Develop preventative and holistic healthcare alternatives that are readily available and affordable
• Educate people about how they can truly be healthy
• Empower people to take control of their own health
• Establish availability of affordable nutrient-dense, organic food grown by community farmers, and
• Heal the Earth so that the Earth can continue to nurture and heal us.


Perhaps some of these goals seem lofty or unattainable with the current political mindset. The key word here is “seem.” Change can occur from the “bottom” and work it’s way up. We, the consumer, the citizen, the patient can voice requests over and over again until we are heard. We can excite a gentle revolution that will insist upon change for the betterment of all. For 2018, I encourage each of us to include in our resolution, our goal, our intention one action that will move The Health Revolution forward.
Help me plant the seed.


Over the next twelve months, I will write a few words to encourage, educate and provide action steps that, when taken, can help shift the status quo. But for now, think about what you can do immediately. Can you call the local water district and learn where your water comes from and ensure that it is clean and protected? Can you run for local office? Can you replace that diet soda with pure ol’ water in your drinking glass? Why not urge your insurance company to allow you to choose your own doctor whether he or she is a naturopath, chiropractor, osteopath or medical doctor and provide coverage for all these services? Maybe you can mentor a youth or consciously be a healthy role model to a younger generation?


I encourage you to view 2018 as a year of promise that we can transform into a year of positive change. In 2018, let’s demand that every sentient being receive what is a basic human right—a healthy quality of life.


Dr. Jade is a licensed naturopathic doctor practicing in Colorado. To learn more about The Health Revolution visit Dr. Jade’s website thehealthrevolution.com or order her book.


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