Proof Daily Exercise Prevents Brain Shrinkage

Being sedentary is like living with a disease that slowly eats away at your muscles and bones. And as science has just proven, it can also eat away at your brain. Maintaining an active lifestyle is recommended by naturopathic doctors in Carbondale, Colorado for various reasons. Obviously, it can help you to stay within a healthy weight range, plus it can slow down the hands of time. But what few people realize is that it can also prevent brain shrinkage.

How Physical Activity Affects Your Brain

When you perform physical activities, your body witnesses biochemical changes, which help to renew and strengthen your body, as well as your brain. Research shows that not only does exercise help to prevent shrinkage, but it also helps to increase your cognitive abilities, such as your memory and learning.

Lack of physical activity also shows the opposite to be true. Being sedentary causes your brain to shrink, which increases memory loss and cognitive issues. According to a study that was published in Newsweek, low physical fitness levels during midlife resorts to lower brain tissue volume within 20 years. This confirms the relation between physical fitness and maintaining a healthy brain as you grow older.

Keeping a healthy mind and body is essential for staying youthful and vibrant. You can consult with a naturopathic doctor in Carbondale, Colorado about integrative medicine treatments like vitamin B12 injections. You can also get assistance with putting together a workout regimen and diet plan.

Working Out Grows and Regenerates Your Brain

Did you know that it’s possible for your brain to rejuvenate and regenerate itself throughout the course of your life? This is a new concept that definitely wasn’t around a few decades ago when it was believed that after neurons die, they can never be regenerated. So it was perceived that cognitive decline was an inevitable part of life. Now, we know differently – eat right and exercise! Studies reveal that working out alone can help boost the gray matter in the hippocampal region of the brain, which is where your memories are stored.

Move More Everyday

You don’t have to engage in a strenuous workout routine to witness the brain benefits of exercise. Simply walking, standing and moving more throughout the day is enough. Even those who exercise should refrain from sitting for more than three hours daily. Studies show that siting for six consecutive hours can counteract the benefits of the hours of working out you put in.

If you’re worried about maintaining your physical and mental well-being, consider consulting with a naturopathic doctor in Carbondale, Colorado.

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