Studies Show Cancer Screening Doesn’t Save Lives!

Cancer is one of the top concerns Americans have, thanks to the epidemic that spans across the nation. Children and adults alike fall victim to the Big C each year, making it one of the toughest diseases to battle. This is also the reason why so many people have been committing to cancer screenings. But the doctors in Carbondale, CO that practice naturopathic medicine are asking whether cancer screenings are actually helping to save lives. The answer to this question may be shocking to hear.

The Promotion of Cancer Screenings

For the past few decades, conventional doctors have been advising patients to include regular cancer screenings as part of their health routine. However, when we review the actual benefits of taking this advice, we see something rather startling.

There are different ways you can determine whether cancer screenings are beneficial or a waste of time. For one, you look at the costs compared to the actual benefits realized. Cancer screenings are anything but cheap, making it difficult for folks with certain health coverage (or no coverage) to obtain it without paying ridiculous out of pocket expenses.

Misdiagnoses of Cancer On the Rise

The facts show that most people who are screened are actually quite healthy, and are being exposed to hazardous screenings. Over time, getting regular screenings can lead to false positives and overdiagnosis, causing healthy patients to undergo unnecessary unhealthy treatments. With that said, it seems that there are more people dying from being tested and unnecessarily treated. The cancer doesn’t exist, but the treatments do, which  normally include dangerous options like chemotherapy and radiation. Not to mention the load of stress it puts on the patient who now believes they actually have cancer.

Only 30 percent of studies show that cancer screenings actually reduce your risk of dying from the cancer the patient is being screened for. What’s worse is that none of the studies showed cancer screenings reducing your risk of death.

Thyroid Cancer Screenings

The rise in patients getting ultrasound screenings, MRIs and CT scans has contributed to the misdiagnosis of thyroid cancer, especially in women. According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the increase in thyroid cancer diagnoses is due to overdiagnosis.

The report included stats taken from highly developed countries, such as Japan, England, Scandinavia and Scotland. The research shows a 50 percent rate of overdiagnosis of women in these countries. And in America, France, Italy and Australia, the rate was between 70 and 80 percent! Over the past 20 years, nearly a half million women and 90,000 men have been ovediagnosed with thyroid cancer. What the screenings are actually detecting are harmless non-lethal diseases.

Unfortunately, these individuals were subjected to unnecessary treatments, which include thyroid removal and radiation treatment.

Breast Cancer Screenings

This isn’t just an issue we’re seeing with thyroid cancer – we’re also witnessing it with breast cancer screenings. This is the most common screening women have. Mammograms are promoted as being the best way to detect breast cancer early on, increasing your chances of surviving. However, according to The Nordic Cochrane Centre, getting mammograms doesn’t reduce your risk of dying from cancer either.

Natural Cancer Treatments

In the naturopathic medicine community in Carbondale, CO, doctors promote alternative medicine treatments, such as detoxing and vitamin B12 injections. Eating a healthy diet and living a healthier lifestyle are also recommended by naturopathic doctors Carbondale, CO. This includes working out, eliminating processed foods and eating more whole foods. Remember, the best form of medicine is prevention, so work together with a naturopathic doctor to see how you can improve your diet and lifestyle to reduce your chances of getting cancer.

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