A Wave of Change with The Health Revolution

It may be an understatement to say that we Americans live in interesting times. Change is on the horizon in the way we view, discuss, and approach the Earth, gender, race, politics, lifestyle, and health.

As a naturopathic doctor, one of my priorities is to help my patients achieve ultimate health by means of my integrative medicine practice. This endeavor begins with good old-fashioned conversation. I talk to my patients and more importantly I listen to what they share. I get to know who they are and strive to understand their concerns and their joys, not just about their health, but also about life. Through dialogue, relationship and trust develop, which foster an atmosphere where I can inform and empower my patients.

I have chosen to spearhead a movement that I call The Health Revolution so that I may do more of the same for more people. I want to raise awareness about personal health and wellness, types and availability of healthcare, and the hope of coexisting in a more loving way with one another and the natural world around us.

The goals of The Health Revolution are to:

• Create community and a forum for discussion providing an avenue to change

• Challenge the existing “fix the disease” medical model

• Develop preventative and holistic healthcare alternatives that are readily available and affordable

• Educate people about how they can truly be healthy

• Empower people to take control of their own health

• Establish availability to affordable nutrient-dense, organic food grown by community farmers

• Heal the Earth so that the Earth can continue to nurture and heal us

I am truly excited to take on this mission. Besides caring for my patients, I have made a pledge to work with insurance carriers, politicians, organic farmers, and my neighbors to take steps that will ensure better health and eventually total wellness for all generations now and extending into the future.

I hope you will join me in becoming an active part of The Health Revolution. Visit www.thehealthrevolution.com. Share this article. Do something healthful for your body today. Take the dog for a walk and say hello to your neighbors. If more of us can take just a little initiative, a little more often we will raise awareness. We will create a wave of change. We will positively Change the Way We Do Health in America.

Dr. Jade Wimberley

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