The Link Between Full-Fat Dairy and Diabetes Prevention

Since 2010, the number of people now diagnosed with type 2 diabetes has risen from 26 million to 29 million. This accounts for 9.3 percent of the American population. Then couple this with the fact that there are 86 million other people walking around with pre-diabetes, which is when your blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to onset diabetes. Integrative medicine is oftentimes used by patients in Carbondale, CO to reverse diabetes.

Individuals that are in a pre-diabetic state are likely to get the illness if they don’t change their eating and exercise habits. This is a key part of alternative medicine – changing your lifestyle and diet. It’s expected that between15 and 30 percent of pre-diabetics will end up diagnosed with diabetes within five years.

The Connection Between Full-Fat Dairy and Diabetes

The low-fat diet fad first began back in the late 1950s and early 1960s, when doctors started recommending these products to patients. This was based off research studies that indicated that high-fat diets lead to heart disease, high cholesterol and stroke. However, this evidence has been refuted countless times by old and new studies.

One recent study was published in the American Heart Association journal that implies the opposite. The research began in 1989 and followed 3,000 participants. The purpose of the study was to tie full-fat dairy products with the reduced risk of diabetes and better weight management.

Blood tests and surveys were all used as part of the study. It was confirmed that none of them had diabetes or pre-diabetes. The study showed that full-fat dairy products helped to reduce the risk of diabetes. However, it doesn’t really prove there’s a cause and effect relationship between full-fat dairy and diabetes risk reduction. But it does offer support to other studies that make these suggestions.

Choosing Healthy Dairy

After reading these facts, some people may go out and buy full-fat dairy products. But it’s important to note that not all dairy is created equal. Back in the day, cows were grass-fed and raised on pastures. They weren’t injected with growth hormones and antibiotics either. For this reason, integrative medicine doctors in Carbondale, CO. promote consuming organic, grass-fed, non-hormone, non-antibiotic dairy products.

If you’re concerned about your health, you should consult with an integrative medicine doctor in Carbondale, CO. He or she can then recommend services, such as vitamin B12 injections. You can also get a guide outlining how to improve your diet and lifestyle to prevent diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

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