Want a Healthy Mind? Then You Need Healthy Gut Flora!

These days, excellent health is a hot commodity that’s hard to come by, thanks to the toxic foods we consume en masse. Few people realize that good health starts with your plate. Most diseases can be prevented and reversed through a diet change alone. So it’s not too surprising to learn that having healthy gut flora is essential for a healthy mind. The doctors in Carbondale, CO that practice integrative medicine educate their patients about eating foods that help maintain good gut bacteria.

The Mental Connection

There are studies that have proven that your mental health is indeed connected to your gut health. Everything from your behavior and mood are affected by what’s happening in your stomach. Most people believe that it’s the brain in charge of these areas, but this was proven false as early as the 1800s. Back then, it was believed that your colon could cause infections that lead to psychosis and depression.

For some time, this was widely accepted as a fact, especially with mental health patients, who were treated using bowel surgeries and colonic purges. Later on, this was considered quackery. However, today, scientists have started researching the link between our mental health, and what was found was that your gut’s microbes dictate our mental health.

Scientists and Carbondale, CO integrative medicine practitioners are now convinced that when there’s a large assembly of microfauna in your intestines, then it can cause a major impact on your mental state.

How Your Gut Affects Your Mind

It’s strange to think that anything inside of your gut has anything to do with your brain. Truth is, there is an enteric nervous system embedded in the walls of your stomach. This works with and independently of your brain. So in a sense, you have two brains operating, one dictating how food affects your mood.

One example is when you consume fatty foods, your cell receptors in your gut lining detects it, sending warm and fuzzy feelings to your brain. However, it goes much further than this. In a study done with mice, it was found that those that were lacking in gut bacteria exhibited high-risk behavior and neurochemical changes.

Researchers also discovered that infants that lack gut microorganisms would have permanently altered gene expressions. This would in turn affect learning, motor control and memory.

Integrative medicine has proven to be an effective way for Carbondale, CO residents to take control of their health. Naturopathic doctors can help you improve your diet and lifestyle, as well as administer vitamin B12 treatment.

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