Have Asthma? Learn How Ginger Can Help!

When you think of Ginger, what likely comes to mind is Gingerale and ginger snaps. But this powerful herb is much more than just an ingredient for soda pop and snacks. Studies show that it offers great benefits for a number of illnesses and health conditions. One of them being asthma. You will find many naturopathic doctors in Carbondale, Colorado suggesting natural herbs as part of their treatment plans.

For centuries, ginger has been used medicinally for pain and purification. It’s great for getting rid of viruses and toxins in the body. It’s especially helpful when you have the cold or flu – it’s a powerful expectorant (gets rid of mucus buildup).

However, recent studies reveal that ginger has other benefits – treating asthma and a host of other ailments, like arthritis pain and heart problems. Ginger has shown to enhance the effects of bronchodilating medicines that are prescribed by conventional doctors.

Ginger is Highly Anti-Inflammatory

This is very likely why ginger is great at treating asthma. This is also why it’s effective in pain relief treatment. In a study done by the American Thoracic Society International Conference, it was found that including ginger compounds inside of isoproterenol (an asthma medication), helped to enhance the effects of bronchodilating.

Most conventional doctors will prescribe non-steroidal bronchodilators, which are inhaled by patients. This causes relaxation in the lung’s muscle cells. However, when this doesn’t work, steroid inhalers are then provided to patients. These have potent anti-inflammatory agents.

The benefits ginger offers can be attributed to its antioxidant activity and constituents, like shogaols, zingerones and gingerols. These are all anti-inflammatory and analgesic, which is like the medications that are non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs). It’s no wonder why naturopathic doctors in Carbondale, Colorado promote ginger as a natural alternative.

Ginger Offers Safer Bronchodilation

As we already mentioned, ginger offers bronchodilation effects, plus it’s safer than conventional medications. Asthma itself is very dangerous and can prove fatal when not treated effectively. However, it’s also found that the conventional drugs frequently used can exhibit lethal side effects.

A prime example of this is with Advair, which has long-acting beta-agonist salmeterol. This can make asthma attacks more severe and increase your chances of dying from asthmatic issues. The drug used in the above study (isoproterenol) was tied to a number of asthma deaths back in the 1960s. The drugs used today have been tied to the development of other health problems, like cataracts, heart disease and osteoporosis, among others.

There are other natural ways to ease an asthma attack, such as using The Buteyko Method. This teaches you how to calm your breathing and reverse chronic hyperventilation or overbreathing. Normal breathing volumes helps to ensure your tissues and organs are getting sufficient amounts of oxygen.

Other Benefits of Ginger

There are plenty of reasons why drinking ginger tea and powders can be a health booster. It has shown to help with insulin levels, making it ideal for diabetics. In one study, it showed that three grams of dry ginger powder taken daily for one month helped to significantly reduce blood glucose, LDL, total cholesterol and triglycerides. It can also help you to lose weight, since it assists with hunger control. Some also exhibit feelings of satiety.

This spice is just one of the many natural remedies a naturopathic doctor in Carbondale, Colorado can offer. Another great service provided includes vitamin B12 injections. Vitamin B12 treatment can be helpful for an assortment of health problems and improves your overall well-being. You can learn more from your naturopathic physician.

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