Interested in Alternative Medicine? Look in Your Pantry!

Do you have friends or family members in Carbondale, CO who swear by alternative medicine? There’s a lot of talk about it in the mainstream media as well. You can catch great topics about it on Dr. Oz, Oprah and a variety of other popular talk shows. Alternative medicine isn’t a new thing, but a reemerging trend. It’s been around for many centuries before chemically-designed medicines were created by Western scientists.

The push towards integrative medicine is growing bigger, as more and more people shy away from traditional medicine due to its harmful effects. A lot of people fail to realize the real power of medicinal foods and herbs, and how it can prevent and even treat common ailments and diseases.

Everything you put in your mouth should exhibit nutritious and therapeutic effects and if it doesn’t, it’s time to switch up your diet. You can talk to a naturopathic doctor in Carbondale, Colorado about improving your diet.

It’s really amazing how common food ingredients can offer benefits that are sometimes much better than medications. You may even have some on stock in your kitchen right now. It’s important to note that there’s a fundamental difference between herbal food and herbal medicine. Herbal food is your typical vegetables and fruits that have medicine effects, but are safe to eat in any quantity. Herbal medicines are more potent and require you to watch your dosage to remain safe.

So what are some of the foods you have right now in your pantry that can provide medicinal effects? Let’s review how you can get a bit of alternative medicine loving from your Carbondale, CO home.


This is a seed that is chewed raw or boiled as a tea. It’s known to help with indigestion issues like flatulence and heart burn, as well as improving breathing (ideal for those with asthma). Research also shows it can help with libido and blood pressure problems.


Similar to fennel, dill offers easing effects for gas. It’s commonly used for children with colic, while fennel is mainly used by adults. It has a milder taste. Some use it for promoting menstruation.


In the past, it has been widely used for headache relief. It also acts as an antimicrobial, which allows it to be used for bacterial infections. It also works as an expectorant. It also exhibits anti-aging effects and can help treat the flu.

These are just some of the herbal foods you can add to your daily intake. You can learn more about alternative medicine home treatments by consulting with a practitioner in Carbondale, CO.

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