Digestion Problems? Could Be the Processed Foods You Eat!

Digestion Problems? Could Be the Processed Foods You Eat!Digestion is an important part of maintaining good health. When your digestive tract isn’t healthy, then a host of other ailments will eventually pop up. Without a properly working digestive system, you will continue to have health problems and symptoms, like IBS, inflammation and bloating. If these are problems you’re currently dealing with, then you should speak with a naturopathic doctor in Carbondale that specializes in integrative medicine.

The Digestive System

All most people know about digestion is that food is chewed up, swallowed and churned up in the digestive tract before coming out on the other end. But there’s so much more to this process. There are variety of biological interactions and chemical reactions that occur each time you take a bite to eat.

These interactions and reactions take place throughout the entire process of digestion. Your digestive tract is split into two – the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract. The upper gastro tract consists of your mouth, esophagus, stomach and duodenum and your lower gastro tract consists of your small and large intestines.

The Role of Food

Everything you choose to eat plays a role in how well your digestive system works. Americans today consume a boatload of processed food, which is filled with artificial sweeteners, colors, preservatives, flavors and unhealthy fats. These are packed into the foods you find in boxes and wrappers to help keep them “fresh” and to entice your taste buds. Naturopathic doctors in Carbondale warn their patients about falling for taste.

The sad truth is that processed foods are causing a lot of harm to the human body. There are various illnesses that have been tied to processed foods, which have little to no nutritional value. It’s like eating the cardbox it comes in, but with way more calories.

When these foods break down in your system, your body releases antibodies because it sees the “food” as foreign invaders. This battle causes collateral damage to your cells. This oftentimes leads to inflammation and leaky gut. The issue here is that when you continue to eat processed foods, your body mistakenly attacks itself, which leads up to the digestive problems.

Not everyone is affected the same way by processed foods. But those who are adversely affected end up with these autoimmune diseases. The only way to combat this is to change the way you eat. Get rid of processed foods and switch to a cleaner diet. You can consult with a naturopathic doctor in Carbondale. You can obtain services like vitamin B12 treatment and receive help with coming up with a healthier diet plan.

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