Is Eliminating Sugar the Key to Increasing Your Lifespan?

Is Eliminating Sugar the Key to Increasing Your Lifespan?During your youth, you rarely think about your age. It’s not until you start creeping over the hill when you start to realize the effects of time. Although impossible, there are ways you can slow it down. There are millions of aging adults across the nation who are looking for methods to look and feel younger. The alternative medicine community is indirectly impacting this trend by helping patients lead healthier lives. What you consume and the lifestyle you live inevitably dictate how well you age (or don’t age). Integrative medicine doctors in Carbondale can help you devise a diet and lifestyle plan that will help you do the same.

If you’re not ready to do a complete overhaul of your lifestyle, then you can start by reducing your intake of sugar.

How Sugar Impacts Your Age

According to the journal Age, your glucose levels can determine how old you look. So the higher your glucose levels are, the older you will appear. This was determined by assessing facial photographs. A connection has already been made between glucose and skin aging.

Today’s adults are more concerned about their cholesterol levels and are overlooking their glucose levels. They go to their physicians to have their cholesterol checked with no regard to their insulin levels. Having this tested will tell you if you’re consuming too much sugar, which can lead to other issues, like diabetes. This is why alternative medicine doctors recommend eliminating sugar from your diet.

Why You Need to Know Your Insulin Level

Insulin is very important for living a healthy life. A lot of Americans today are living with unsafe insulin levels, which causes a buildup in your blood. This results to chronic degenerative illnesses forming as you age.

Increasing Your Lifespan

Glucose isn’t necessarily bad – it’s what your body uses to generate energy. However, like with most things in life, too much of it isn’t good. It becomes toxic to the body, causing you to age faster. A lot of the foods and drinks you consume today contain sugars that break down quickly, causing a spike in your glucose levels. This includes foods like pastries, pasta, soda, candy, bread and even fruit juices.

So how do you increase your lifespan? Stay away from sugar or fructose and grains, and make sure you’re exercising regularly. If you need help with finding your way into an alternative lifestyle, consider consulting with an integrative medicine practitioner. You can learn about the various services being offered like vitamin B12 injections, which can offer a host of benefits for your body.

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