Our Ancestors Didn’t Die from Cancer and Neither Should You!

Our Ancestors Didn't Die from Cancer and Neither Should You!Cancer is a fairly new disease that has only been around a few centuries. Why is that we are now seeing more rates of cancer around the world? The only real difference between ancient civilizations and the world we live in now is the foods we eat. Never before did we rely on grocery stores, nor did we eat pre-packaged foods laden with toxic chemicals. Naturopathic doctors of alternative medicine are warning their patients of these hidden dangers in seemingly innocent places, like your children’s snacks.

No Where is Safe

Even the fruits and vegetables sold in grocery stores are toxic. If the label doesn’t read certified organic, then it was grown conventionally, which means it is topped with all types of pesticides and herbicides. It very likely contains antibiotics as well, which is used on the farm animals. This gets onto produce when the manure of antibiotic-injected animals are used.

The Soil is Depleted

When you look at the association between vitamin deficiencies and cancer, you’ll see the two almost go hand-in-hand. Our bodies are deficient in vitamins and minerals and we’re consuming loads and loads of toxins from the foods we eat, the fluids we drink and the air we breathe. The insides of our bodies are chemical factories and highly acidic – the perfect conditions for cancer to brew and manifest.

The reasons behind our mineral deficiencies has everything to do with the foods we eat. Few people today consume a well-balanced diet and even those who are eating produce that stem from soil that is depleted of nutrients.

In the past, the soils in certain parts of regions were very, very rich. But because of the conventional methods of farming we’ve grown accustomed to, this has changed. Farmers today are ripping the nutrients out of the soil and not replacing it. Instead, they are lacing it with harmful pesticides and herbicides and contaminated manure filled with antibiotics.

Farmers are also eliminating old-school tactics where the soil is left to replenish. This can only be done by not planting in it for one or more seasons. Instead, farmers are continuously using the soil, so the soil never gets to replace the nutrients that’s been taken out.

Americans today are deficient in all sorts of vitamins, including vitamin D and vitamin Bs. This is why many people today are taking vitamin B-12 injections. Vitamin B-12 treatments can aid in maintaining a healthy mind. It’s been shown to decrease chances of depression and Alzheimer’s disease, and helps keep your red blood cells and nerves healthy.

Organic Farming Is the Future

Or at least, that’s what it should be. At the rate we’re going down this harmful path, Americans are going to be dropping like flies. Any naturopathic doctor will tell you that eating organic is the key to sustainable living and promoting a healthy body.

Organic farming is less devastating to the soil and the crops. But the only way we will return to organic farming is if consumers buy organic. The price of paying a little higher is well-worth keeping your hospital bills down.

Don’t Be an Another Cancer Statistic

Mountains of evidence is stemming from the traditional and naturopathic doctor community, showing that an improved diet can keep cancer away. Anyone who ignores these findings are putting themselves and their families at risk of one day developing cancer and other diseases. It’s up to you to make healthier lifestyle and dietary choices. If you need help in this area, you can consult with a naturopathic doctor in your area.

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