Fueled again, by the gold tech rush, I have witnessed yet another real estate bubble soar to all time highs in Northern California.

This uptrend reflects an ever-alarming yet similar crisis happening within the human body. This crisis being an alarming rate of obesity, heart disease, cancer and a country full of couch potatoes. It’s time to treat your gut like prime real estate and reclaim your investment in self.  The world is overflowing with research and information supporting the influential benefits of a healthy gut. It’s a direct route to a strengthen immune system, increased nutrient absorption, stamina and for some intuition.

The saying “follow your gut” or “trust your gut” is a visceral experience that many leaders, authors, actors, musicians and us everyday folk can get to know and trust that our gut is often the best internal barometer for making decisions. Eating ample whole organic and/or local foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, meats, fish and grains) rich in vitamins and minerals is the foundation to a healthy gut. Align yourself with a doctor that both understands and respects food as your main medicine.  The word vitamin, literally translates to “life elements” or “vitality”. It’s from these vitamins and minerals that your body is able to repair, replenish and rejuvenate. In addition, our gut houses what scientists, psychiatrists and integrative doctors are calling, “our second brain.” Meaning the condition of our gut (and what we put in it) directly effects how you feel and perceive the world.

A healthy gut increases your odds of simply feeling better. Just as the ecosystem around your home needs daily maintenance so does your body.

Repeat daily, “I treat my gut as prime real estate” and see your personal investment make leaps and bounds with healthy returns.

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