Establishing Your Foundation for Optimal Health

Offering holistic chiropractic, naturopathic and integrative health services as well as weekly Vitamin B12 clinics in beautiful Carbondale, CO.

Lux Wellness Center

Jade Wimberley, Registered N.D.

Dr. Jade is a naturopath who treats clients nationwide and hosts the vitamin B12 clinics biweekly. She is an author and the founder of The Health Revolution, a social movement to affect change in America’s healthcare system.

Lux Wellness Center

Lauren Whittaker, D.C.

Dr. Lauren is a Colorado licensed chiropractor. She is passionate about mind-body healing and using the chiropractic adjustment as a catalyst for integration in the lives of her patients.

We seek to serve our community by helping to release that which interferes with the full expression of life, health and function in the bodies of individuals.


|ˈləks | noun

Latin word for “light.” The derived unit of luminance or illumination.

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Lux Wellness Center

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